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Playing around with the new Actions on Google, a developer interface for Google Assistant,  I decided to build an application that would:

  1. When I ask Google Home “OK Google, what should I cook for dinner?
  2. The application would look at a list of dishes my fiancee leaves in a Google Docs Spreadsheet and give me a suggestion.

Simple, at least that’s what Google promised me. To my surprise after a test of my first prototype, I discover, every app requires a Privacy Policy. Google requires a link to the privacy policy on your website (see image below) and no doubt Google checks that when you “Submit it for Review“. Yes, it appears Google review every app that is being built, even my what does the missus want for dinner app.

Moral of the story is even though not every business in Australia require a Privacy Policy and whether you like it or not, Google require you to have a Privacy Policy if you want to use their platform.

If you need a short form Privacy Policy for your new Google Home / Google Assistant Application contact me and I can help you out. 

Michael Barber
BSc, Grad Dip IT, Grad Cert Bus Admin, MAcct, LLB(Hons), GDLP, MQLS, FGIA.
Commercial, Corporate and Technology Lawyer
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