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10 reasons why you can trust me to help you with your website terms and conditions

Clients often tell me they read through law firm websites looking for the right lawyer to help them. Let me summarise the top 10 reasons why I think I am the right person to assist you.

  1. I have had my own legal trials and tribulations so I know, from a client perspective, you need someone you can trust.
  2. While I may be an employee, my employer is only a secondary beneficiary of my relationship with you. You are number one.
  3. I want you to be successful, the more success you have the more we can do business together, your success is my success.
  4. I have the skills you need with qualifications in law (first class honours), information technology, business administration and accounting. Think about that skill set, it is exactly what is needed to be a true commercial and technology legal adviser. Don’t ask me about marketing though, its way out of my league, I’m way to analytical.
  5. In my pre law career I implemented business information systems covering finance, accounting, billing, supply chain, inventory, payroll and CRM. I can align your legal requirements with your business processes.
  6. I operated a consulting firm for almost a decade and understand what it means to be a business owner. My consulting firm even became a Big Commerce platform partner, a side business while I transitioned to law.
  7. With a background in IT and management consulting my advice extends beyond pure law. Law doesn’t operate in a vacuum, neither should lawyers.
  8. I am highly motivated and enthusiastic, who else completes 6 university qualifications and starts a 7th.
  9. I am a true multidisciplinary professional who thinks strategically, looks at problems through multiple lenses and freely shares my knowledge.
  10. More importantly, I want to help you. Technology and online business is my passion.

Michael Barber
BSc, Grad Dip IT, Grad Cert Bus Admin, MAcct, LLB(Hons), GDLP, MQLS, FGIA.
Commercial, Corporate and Technology Lawyer
Contact Michael here or call on 07 3356 1245.

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