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A Confidentiality Agreement, Confidentiality Deed, Non Disclosure Agreement, NDA or Non Disclosure Deed are all terms used interchangeably in Australia. The most common form of document in my experience is the deed. This is because unlike am agreement a deed does not require consideration. However, the form of a deed is legislated in many Australian states.

For this reason, when you jump on the internet and search:

  • NDA Contract Template;
  • Non Disclosure Agreement Sample Doc;
  • Non Disclosure Contract Sample; or
  • Basic Confidentiality Agreement Template Free,

you are unlikely to find what you need.

These are incidentally some of the most commonly searched terms by people looking for an NDA.

I have had a pretty good look around the internet at some of the results of this search and it is not good. I have also seen many clients bring to me Confidentiality Deeds which were clearly obtained from the internet. My favourite free Non Disclosure Deed had the legal jurisdiction being the law of Korea. It did not even specify North or South Korea, not that it would have mattered because it was not worth the paper it was printed on. Often it costs more to review these NDA’s then it does to produce one from scratch.

If you are heading off to pitch to an investor, expose your brilliant idea to a software developer or negotiate with future business partners, contact me and we can draft what may turn out to be one of the best value legal documents your business purchases. Ask me and I will even prepare it as a template for you so you can use it for each software developer, investor or business partner you meet.

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